Drama Short Film “LVRS” set to shoot in Chicago in early 2018

Emily Bennett_indieactivity

Emily Bennett in LVRS. Photograph copyright, ‘Dennis Manarchy’

New York, NYDecember 29, 2017 – Award winning actress Emily Bennett (The Blacklist, Chicago Fire) pairs with Emmy nominated producer Keaton Wooden (Vibrations, NightLights) on the film LVRS (pronounced “Lovers”), a short film about love and abuse, which will begin filming to begin in early 2018 in Chicago.

LVRS is a magical-realist story following a woman and her relationship with a man with a mirror for a face. Bennett, who wrote and will direct the short, said “When she looks at him, she sees her reflection. She sees that she is happy and beautiful. Throughout the course of the film, the Man takes the Woman apart, piece by piece. But while that’s happening, her reflection never changes. She can’t see that he’s destroying her, so she stays with him,” Bennett said.

LVRS was recently named the winner of Camera Ambassador’s “Epic Holiday” giveaway. The Chicago production/rental house is providing a free rental package and production assistance for the shoot.

Interview with Emily Bennett

The film boasts crew members such as VFX artist Sharon Marcussen (Blade Runner:2049, Alice in Wonderland, The Leftovers), cinematographer John Klein (Teacher with David Dastmalchian, NightLights for Lifetime Movie Network), production designer Katharin Mraz (30 Miles from Nowhere starring Carrie Preston of True Blood, Animator), and locations manager Nicholas Jamison (Divergent, Transformers, Man of Steel). Bennett will star alongside actor, photographer, and director Cole Simon, who went on in the lead of Lifeline Theater’s “Her Majesty’s Will” which was named one of Chicago Tribunes Top 10 productions of 2017.

LVRS is Bennett’s fourth directing project. She created the film to champion women’s rights on camera and behind the scenes. “It’s incredibly important to me to have an equal representation of men and women on set. The role of women in film is thankfully growing, and I want to be a part of that movement.

Some of our crew members are used to working on huge, studio funded productions such as Blade Runner: 2049 and Transformers. Some come from the exciting and often unpredictable world of independent film. But each artist brings something unique and extraordinary to this project.”

LVRS will begin principal photography in February, 2018