Eyes of the Roshi – Eric Roberts, Adam Nguyen, Ethan Marten

A gritty feature-length action drama likened to a satisfying martial arts collaboration between Quentin Tarantino and Coen Brothers

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EYES OF THE ROSHI is an Independent action-drama, a vendetta film starring Eric Roberts (Runaway Train; Pope of Greenwich Village; Star 80; Dark Knight) and introducing Karate Do and Raja Yoga Grandmaster Adam Nguyen.

Saigon / 1973. Young Adam’s, heart is breaking as he discovers his childhood love, the girl he grew up with, raped and murdered. As a mourning Adam keens over her dead body he makes a fateful resolve to avenge her loss, thereby igniting a forty-year odyssey of revenge and death, which ends a continent away in a final climactic confrontation. SPLASH MAGAZINE says “Eric Roberts rediscovers early magic in Eyes of the Roshi a Gem of an independent film…bound to be a cult hit!”

indexTitle: Eyes of the Roshi

Synopsis: A Fugitive Grandmaster must summon his inner dragon to save the people he loves.

Genre: Action-Drama, Dark Humor
Cast: Eric Roberts, Grandmaster Adam Nguyen, Amanda Dunn, Ethan Marten
Writer: Jon Mark Nail, Joseph Baum
Director: Jon Mark Nail
Producer: Ethan Marten
Company: Light Age Films
Status: Completed
Release Date: 107 minutes
Release Date: 2016

Critical Review 
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Virginian-Pilot: (Review comes out August 19)
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