Case Study: Javier Reyna presents the making of Regionrat

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Connor Williams, Natassia Halabi in a scene from Regionrat

Date: 18 Dec. 2017
Case Study: The Making of Regionrat
Filmmaker: Javier Reyna

indieactivity: What is your film about?
Javier: Regionrat is based on the semi biographical book by Richard Laskowski. Is the story of a pothead teenager who returns to his hometown after leaving in a modern city for 6 months. His return brings him back to old and new friendships and old and new trouble.

In 2004, after I did a short film, Legwork, I was looking for a good feature film project and I came across the book. I was attracted by its honesty. Our first cast was put together in 2004, the film was optioned a few times, and supported by different talent agencies as well, however, after 10-12 years of bullshit, broken promises and ups and downs, the film never got made. Finally I decided to do it alone. When we started filming we only had 35K in the bank.

Javier Reyna brings Richard Laskowski book, ‘Regionrat’ to the screen

indieactivity: Tell us about the festival run, marketing and sales?
Javier: We have not officially premiered yet. We have submitted to several festivals and are currently waiting response. We partnered with Roland Rojas from Bidslate to get the film into the marker.

indieactivity: Dramatic Feature
Director: Javier Reyna
Producers: Johnny Murillo, Carlos M. Jimenez, Javier Reyna
Budget: 35-50K
Financing: Uber and friends
ProductionGrimster Pictures
Shooting Format: 2K
Screening Format: 2:35
World Premiere: Soon

indieactivity: Give the full official synopsis for your film?
Javier: After six months in modern Seattle, Ray, broke and lonely, decides to return to the Region, his depressed hometown, to finish his High School senior year. Once at home he quickly reconnects with old friends, and old habits. He is quickly reminded why he left town as fresh rumors about him liking Erin, a girl with an intimidating bully boyfriend, start to spread all over town. Ray does his best trying to dissipate the gossip, but falls victim of Erin’s advances. Unsuspected and tragic events will force Ray to either change his ways, or spend the rest of his life in a place where hope is, literally, a four letter word. Based on the novel by Richard Laskowski.

Carlos M. Jimenez, DoP on Regionrat, on creating Javier Reyna’s vision

indieactivity: Development & Financing?
Javier: After reading the book, which it was over 500 pages, I had to decide what the main core of the story would be. In a world of teen, potheads, bullies, crime, stupidity and tragedy, I decided to focus in finding the story’s heart. I adapted the book into the screenplay.

Financing this film is a 13 year lengthy story. Originally budgeted at 1.2 million, the 3 million, than 5 million, and after 1e years we started production with 35K (I’m currently writing a book about what happened in those 13 years)

Javier Reyna_indieactivity

Connor Williams,

indieactivity: Production?
Javier: We started production in July 2016 and shot for about 20 days. Some were half days due to budget restrictions. We shot at Thunder Studios in Long Beach and at several locations across Los Angeles and Orange county. Editing started in September, by Yiyang Xu, a Chapman recent graduate. There where some delays because our VFX team in Indonesia, was doing it in between real paying gigs.

Post Sound was done in Portugal by these two amazing young guys, Tiago Cardoso and Dinis Henriquez (Pulsar Sound Studios) Score was written and recorded by the amazing Marcus Trumpp. We finally had a cast screening on August 11 2017.

indieactivity: Advice from the Filmmaker?
Javier: For novice filmmaker? DO IT! Don’t wait for other people. DO NOT COMPROMISE, YOU WILL REGRET IT